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Adam Ondra Continues Work on Dawn Wall Cruxes

A few days after climbing The Nose in a day with his dad, Adam Ondra is back on the Dawn Wall. From the sounds of it, the crux pitches are putting up a fight, but Ondra is working through them. He updated Black Diamond with his progress: “Another day in the office. We hauled up and set up the portaledge on the Dawn Wall yesterday. I got to the top of pitch 16 and worked the moves of pitches 14, 15 and 16 ‘til late night.

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“These are three of the hardest pitches on the whole climb, and on every pitch I missed one little piece of the puzzle. But with better skin and colder conditions (which are on the way), I will hopefully have these pitches super wired soon. Pitch 14 [5.14d] has this really mysterious last boulder problem—seemingly blank—but offers a few razorblade crimps that are just horrible. The previous boulder problems on this pitch felt very good.

“Pitch 15 [5.14d] has this really small razorblade that I did not want to pull, since in the warm conditions I would cut my skin open. The rest of the pitch felt good. Pitch 16 [5.14c] has this crazy dyno that definitely felt hard. I did not do the single move, but there is always an option to make the loop variation. The rest of the pitch is tricky and insecure but I found my way.” Watch Tommy Caldwell on the 5.14d pitch-15: