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Adam Ondra. Crushing.

Adam Ondra is arguably the best sport climber in the world and now he has the numbers to back it up.

The much-loved 8a.nu, which recently passed three-million documented ascents, reported that Ondra has climbed 96 routes graded 5.14d or harder, more than anyone else who uses the website that tracks their climbs.

Just last week in Baltzola, he climbed Ini Ameriketan, which he suggest an upgrade to 5.15a, the first ascenst of Ira 5.14d and tried to onsight Psikoterapia 5.14d.

Ondra is now being coached by Patxi Usobiaga and, as stated on 8a.nu, said, “For two months, I climbed six days a week, multiple times in a day. I climbed, did pull ups, campused and TRX workouts. After these two months, I started focusing on quality, taking more rests and climbing less. After three weeks of this regime I went to Basque country to check out if the training works. And it did pretty well. Now it is the time to start training again to be prepared for the World Cups.”

Watch Ondra attempt to onsight Psikoterapia.

Adam Ondra climbing in Norway Photo Petr Pavlicek.
Adam Ondra climbing in Norway Photo Petr Pavlicek.