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Adam Ondra Highballs V15 to Send New 5.15a Called Kout Pikle

He pieced together a longstanding project that includes a hard opening to a pumpy top-out

Adam Ondra has been on a sending train of late, with three 5.15bs in December and now a new 5.15a he’s called Kout Pikle. The burly new route had been looked at for decades before Ondra’s FA.

Kout Pikle is found at the Býčí skála Cave in Moravský kras in the Czech Republic, Ondra’s home country. As Ondra said, “It has a lot trying hard, power screams and interesting issues to solve when reaching the anchor.”

Getting to his first clipped bolt involved climbing a V15 to over twice his height relying on hist belayer to spot him and a bunch of crash pads to absorb any possible fall.

Ondra noted that getting permission to bolt at the crag is not easy and can take a long time. “I did the whole route clipping only two bolts and used seven crashpads,” said Ondra. “Hopefully, a bolt could be added in the future to make the climb safe and without the need for so many crash pads.” He also recently announced that he and his partner Iva Ondra are expecting their first child in May.

Adam Ondra Climbs New 5.15a