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Adam Ondra Is Climbing with the Wide Boyz

It looks like Ondra is visiting the U.K. to train and climb cracks with Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall

Adam Ondra recently announced that he was travelling to the U.K. for some climbing adventures, but he kept secret what exactly he’d be up to. It’s now been revealed that he’s climbing with the Wide Boyz, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall. It appears they took Ondra to Ray’s Roof, a classic E7 6c first climbed by Ray Jardine in 1977. The climb is one of the hardest offwidths in the country and features some very uncomfortable, burly climbing. You can watch Randall climb the crack in a video below.

The duo also invited Ondra to train at Randall’s famous crack training cellar, a dingy basement containing a long and bouldery wooden roof crack that moves through various sizes. Via Instagram, Randall said that they might take Ondra to Raven Tor, a crag known for hard sport climbing, and back to the Peak District for some more Gritstone climbing. Randall noted that video footage of their escapades will be released on the Wide Boyz and Adam Ondra YouTube channels in the near future.

Ray’s Roof E7 6c