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Adam Ondra Making Big Progress on Dawn Wall

Adam Ondra is working the crux pitches on the Dawn Wall and things are looking good for the Czech crusher. Ondra and his partner Pavel Blazek are reporting cool temps and dry conditions. Ondra’s latest update said, “Great progress on pitch 14, but unfortunately no send. Took a lot of skin to finally figure out the mystery (third and last boulder of the pitch), but I finally have a satisfying beta at least.

“On my last go, with no skin and really tired, I slipped on the first boulder, but continued straight away to the anchor. I am quite confident that next time it should work out. And next time I think it will be on the push.” Five photos from Blazek below, be sure to visit and follow their progress in Yosemite.

Breakfast by Adam Ondra! . Besides beeing (in my opinion ?) pretty good climber Adam is also great cook! So from our first trip (Flatanger, Norway in May of this year) we made a deal. He is cooking I do the rest. It works great! Of course the climbing is on him. I just hold the other end of the rope ? . We had a really good sleep in BC and are enjoing the morning sun now! It is much better up here than in Camp 4. Sunny, warm, dry and the view I guess doesn't need any explanation. It's just spectacular! . And we even hauled up a solar panel and an external batery (Elon Musk @elonmusk would be proud of us I guess – sorry ? I'm big fan of that guy!) so we can recharge our phones and chat with our folks, girlfriends… I just can't think of better place to be right now! . Adam will post what is the plan for today so check out his profile . @adam.ondra @blackdiamond #dawnwall #elcapitan #yosemite #liveclimbrepeat #blackdiamond

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I need help! ? . I hope it's ok to say I made Adam to open an Instagram account and start to share images about his climbing. So it certainly makes me happy to see his followers base to grow. I was actually so positive about his chances to have thousands and thousands of followers that I made a bet (bottle of the vine) with him that he's gonna have 80000 followers by the end of this trip (end of November). . So my dear followers… I would (selfishly) like to ask you to follow Adam @adam.ondra – if you already aren't. Tell your friends, girls/boyfriends, ex wives/husbands, neighbours, people on the streets, dogs, whoever you have the chance to follow Adam too – so I don't loose the bet ? . Thank you . @adam.ondra @blackdiamond #dawnwall #elcapitan #yosemite #liveclimbrepeat #blackdiamond

A photo posted by Pavel Blažek (@pavelblazek) on

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