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Updated: Adam Ondra Projecting Possible 5.15d in 2017

Adam Ondra has a project at Flatanger in Norway that might end up being the world’s first 5.15d (9C). In 2016, this video came out with Ondra working the big line.

In the short clip below by Pavel Blazek, who belayed Ondra on the Dawn Wall, Ondra finds a no-hand rest on the monster granite roof in May 2017. (Click to play clip)

How to rest in 9… @adam.ondra @blackdiamond @montura_official @mytendon #flatanger #norway #9c #climbing

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Ondra helped put Flatanger on the map over the past few years with his many hard new routes. Many of the sends are captured in videos with Ondra screaming his way up the Hanshelleren cave.

Many say the cave has the best stone in the world for sport climbing. Some of Ondra’s routes in the cave include Change 5.15c, Move 5.15b and Thor’s Hammer 5.15a.

Ondra said this week, “Back in Flatanger, back on the project. One has to make it nice and comfy, no portaledge up on the project, but a bench is crucial.

“As well having numerous pairs of shoes to see which work the best for this heionous footjam. So far seems like none of them. As always, lets see if I can make this section a little less insecure.”

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Update May 22: Ondra posted on social media, “Great times in Flatanger cave. Day by day, I am feeling more confident on these intricate moves on Project Hard.

“Still far from sending, but I can see it happening this year, hopefully. But there are many factors that come into play. Let’s enjoy the process in the meantime.

“But already now I feel better after a few days of work on it than last year after 3 weeks.”

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