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Adam Ondra Sends New 5.15b in Norway

Adam Ondra has made the first ascent of another 5.15b at Flatanger in Norway according to the climber’s site 8a.nu.

He named his new route Move Hard 5.15b and noted on the site, “Good training link up. From the first crux of Move move right into the crux two of Project Hard.”

Project Hard is Ondra’s mega project that he speculates will be at least 5.15d, the first at the grade in the world.

Watch Ondra below on his other new Flatanger route called Halibut, bolted by American Joe Kinder.

According to 8a.nu, this was Ondra’s third 5.15b at Flatanger. He has established four 5.15a and one 5.15c at the steep crag as well, giving Flatanger the highest concentration of difficult routes.

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