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Adam Ondra to Auction Signed Holds to Aid Ukraine

The proceeds will go to Memory of Nations, a fundraiser that's donated millions to Ukraine so far

Adam Ondra has announced that he will auction off several climbing holds to raise money to aid Ukraine. All proceeds will go to Memory of Nations, a fundraiser that “saves lives and increases safety of Ukraine’s defenders.” The auction starts on Oct. 17.

Ondra will will be auctioning eight climbing holds that he made and climbed on. “From time to time, there comes a moment when people need to be united for a higher purpose,” Ondra said in the below video. “That’s why I put my hands to work, cast, and signed eight climbing holds during my first visit to the Euroholds headquarters. I hope you will enjoy them! It will support the people of Ukraine, who are suffering from a cruel war.”

The holds Ondra will auction

Ondra’s home country of Czech Republic and Ukraine were both part of the Soviet Union until 1991. The Memory of Nations fundraiser has raised nearly $20 million over the past year.

The platform on which Ondra is using has lengthy descriptions and photos of each hold. For example, the “Mariupol” hold is described as, “This yellow polyurethane hold, on which Adam himself trained, belongs to the Spines family by Euroholds. Slightly positive with a carefully studied placement for your thumb that allows you to push hard even on overhanged walls.

Each hold’s description ends with,” Let’s improve your spray wall, climbing gym, home collection or training progress but most importantly join Memory of Nations in support of the people of Ukraine who have been fighting for their freedom.” To see the auction and to learn how to partake visit here.

Ondra’s Hold Auction