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Adam Ondra’s Historic V14 Flash

Adam Ondra spent his post-World Cup recovery time climbing hard bouldering problems in Rocky Mountain National Park and flashed two difficult routes.

Ondra made one of the hardest flashes in the history books with his send of Jade V14. He also flashed Don’t Get Greedy V13. The sends came with the clock ticking as Ondra had to be at the airport to fly back to Europe.

Jade was first climbed by Danial Woods in 2007 and in 2014, the route was back in the media after Alex Puccio made the first female ascent. The route was discovered in 2001 when Dave Graham started working it.

“Surreal moment of flashing this problem,” Ondra is reported saying on 8a.nu. “I did right before heading out to the airport, with little time to rest after the massive hike.

But, I was motivated by the good crew and just executed it perfectly. Despite two days of world cup before, I felt strong and with perfect skin, all you need for this boulder problem.”

(Full screen the video for better viewing)