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Alannah Yip Climbs Pulse as Her First 5.14a

It was the first 5.14 ever climbed in Canada

West Coast crusher and Canadian competition champion Alannah Yip has sent Pulse, the first 5.14a ever established in Canada. Not only that, but she grabbed the first female ascent for those keeping track.

Top West Coast high-ball boulderer Miles Adamson broke the news on Instagram, follow below.

Yip told us after her send, “Thanks to everyone who I ever ran into climbing up there, I got so much help and support from people.

“I’ve never done a route that requires so much micro-beta (like taping specific fingers for sharp holds, finger locking just so, thumb stacking….) and everyone up there was always so amazing.”

Earlier this summer, Yip sent Division Bell 5.13d, her first of the grade. And before that she made relatively quick work of Young Blood 5.13a and Dirty Rascals 5.13a.

Yip, who turns 24 in October, is currently the triple champion in Canadian climbing, having taken first place in Lead, Speed and Boulder in last year’s Nationals.

Pulse was the first 5.14a climbed in Canada back in 1995 by Jim Sandford.

Be sure to follow Yip on Facebook here and on Instagram below. This is a developing story, stay tuned for more information.