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Alberta Climbers Raise More Than $1M for Charity

The 13 climbers reached the summit of Africa's highest peak in October

Thirteen Edmonton climbers reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, in October in hopes of raising money for families being treated at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. The climbing team included Jenny Adams, Kieran Bowes, Todd Bish, John Burghardt, Jonathon Chia, Krista Ference, Kevin George, Mike House, Richard Kirby, Christina Lecuyer, Keith Marshall Kevin Mckee, Tim O’Neill and Tim Varughese.

Most of the team reached the highest point in Africa after a few days on the mountain. “It was way harder than what we were lead to believe,” Kevin George said, who had two young daughters pass away at Stollery, Everly in 2015 and Maddie in 2012. “Half way through it was my first daughter’s birthday on the climb.

“So that was a pretty special moment where we all sat in the mess tent and we celebrated her birthday,” George said. “There was lots of motivation to get to the top.” The group as a whole raised more than $1 million and a celebration of their accomplishments was held on Tuesday.