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Alberta’s Andrew Funk and Matt Hendsbee Send in Joe’s Valley

Andrew Funk and Matt Hendsbee are celebrated comp climbers from Alberta who have been putting their skills to work in Joe’s Valley over the past week. The biggest crux of the trip was the weather, as Funk noted after arriving, “Unfortunately, we got rained out again, but not before I managed to send Freak V10, Resident Evil V9/10 and flash Nerve Extension V8/10??. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going if the rain lets up soon.”

After the rain let up, Funk sent The Worm Turns V10 and said, “This felt very hard and I had to try a lot. Psyched I managed to do it in one session though.” The following day, he put down Ghost King V11 and Death Scream V10. He would go on to send a dozen more problems between V5 and V11 with sends of Barely Legal V11 and I shaved My Head For This V11.

Matt Hendsbee, who’s father Bill was once the president of the Alberta Climbing Association, sent a number of hard problems including his first V10s: Nerve Extension and The Worm Turns. He spent some time working on Ghost King V11 and said, “I don’t think I’m quite going to be able to put together Ghost King this trip, but it is an amazing line nonetheless.” Funk and Hendsbee have returned to the Bow Valley int the Rockies.

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