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Alex Megos Establishes Australia’s Second 5.14d

Alex Megos’ road trip though Australia continued this week with a first ascent of only the second 5.14d in the country.

Megos made the fist ascent of Australia’s first 5.14d in 2013 with he climbed Retired Extremely Dangerous in the Blue Mountains.

Today, April 9, Megos announced he climbed another 5.14d in Australia called Schweinebaumeln, which was bolted by Lee Cossey.

“It took me two days to climb it,” said Megos. “It’s about 35 metres long and has many bouldery sections in it. The crux is a massive jump move in a roof.”

This is only Australia’s second 5.14d, the country that had the world’s first 5.14a and both hard routes were climbed by Alex Megos. Not too many people can say they have the only two 5.14ds in a country.