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Alex Megos on the Mend and Sends Chile’s First 5.14d

Alex Megos is one of the world’s leading climbers and on his recent visit to Chile sent the country’s first 5.14d. South America has a number of 5.14c and 5.14d routes. In 2016, fellow German climber Pirmin Bertle sent a new 5.14d in Argentina.

Megos has spent the past four months recovering from a bad finger injury. The serious digit pain has not stopped him from winning two major competitions, Master de Boulder in Chile and Climbing Works International Festival in the U.K.

In 2016, Megos sent Canada’s first 5.15 after climbing Fightclub at Raven’s Crag in Banff National Park. In 2013, Megos established Australia’s first 5.14d with a send of Retired Extremely Dangerous.

Alex Megos's tapped fingers before sending Fightclub. Photo Gaby James
Alex Megos’s tapped fingers before sending Fightclub. Photo Gaby James

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