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Alex Puccio Tops New Base Line V14

Alex Puccio recently took top spot at Arco Rock Masters before climbing her third V14 with a tick of New Base Line in Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Puccio had previously sent The Wheel of Chaos V14 and Jade V14 in Rocky Mountain National Park, both in 2014 before Puccio suffered a string of injuries.

Puccio recorded her New Base Line accomplishment on 8a.nu and noted, “So psyched! Awesome boulder!” She was in Europe for the Munich World Cup and Arco Rock Masters.

Earlier this year, she climbed six V13s in America, including The Shining, Bear Toss, Evil Backwards, Tea Cup, Dead Meadow and Luther.

In June of 2016, Puccio underwent a spinal fusion surgery after doctors discovered a herniated disk between the C5 and C6 vertebrae. Puccio first felt numbness during the Vail World Cup Semis, but continued to Finals.

A few months after her operation, she was back at it on a rope because she couldn’t risk a bouldering fall. In September she sent her first-ever 5.13d with a tick of Atomic Cow on Rodeo Wave at Wild Iris. Before that, she flashed Cow Reggae 5.13b.

In December of 2016, she climbed Terre De Sienne V13 in Hueco Tanks for her 15th tick of the grade. Puccio is one of North America’s leading climbers. Watch her on Jade below.