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Alfredo Webber, 52, Free-Solos 5.14b Arco Sport Climb

He first sent the route in 2018 and returned to go rope-less this year

Alfredo Webber climbed his first 5.14d with Thunder Ribes at Massone, Arco, back in 2017. The following year, he sent Panem et Circenses 5.14b in Arco. Last week, he free-soloed Panem et Circenses. For protection, he had two bouldering pads below.

The Italian’s 15-metre 5.14b free-solo is one of the most difficult to date, up there with Alex Huber’s free-solo of Kommunist 5.14a and Dave MacLeod’s of Darwin’s Dixit 5.14a (watch below).

Free-soloing is not recommended and is best left to the pros. In Canada, a number of historical free-solos have been made, for four legendary ones visit here.

Panem et Circenses on a Rope

MacLeod’s 5.14a Free-Solo