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It’s Already Snowing in the Canadian Rockies

The snow has started to fall in the high alpine of the Canadian Rockies with a dusting visible around the town of Banff.

Farther north, IFMGA mountain guide Marc Piche reported about the 15 centimetres of snow on the Mountain Condition Report, “The new snow is bonding well and got a bit moist when the sun came out in the afternoon.

“The many open crevasses were still visible with the small amount of snow but the glacier travel can be a bit challenging in spots where the glaciers are very open.”

Piche posted the below photo of the glacier leading up to the A2 Col between Mount Athabasca and Mount Andromeda.

Snow in the Rockies is common in late August with many alpine rock routes falling out of conditions by early September.

It’s almost ice climbing season!

If you’re planning on heading into the alpine, plan accordingly.

A2 Col in late August, 2018 Photo Marc Piche