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American Climbing Closed?!

Climbing in American Parks close, Canadian climbing remains open

From the Access Fund website:

A breakdown in budget negotiations has caused the federal government to shut down, including access to many climbing areas across the country. “Essential services” will continue without a budget, but access to federal public lands is now closed at hundreds of locations including iconic climbing areas like Yosemite, Red Rocks, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

National Parks close today and visitors will have 48 hours to leave. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management employees will be furloughed. Any climbing area requiring staff (i.e., with an entrance gate such as Red Rocks near Las Vegas) are likely to be closed as well.

Some public lands and trails that do not require staff may remain open for the duration of the shutdown, though without rangers or amenities. Staff will not be on duty and amenities, including campgrounds, will be closed. Bathrooms will be locked and water has been cut off in many scenic areas and campgrounds. Contact your local park or forest service/BLM offices for updates.

Congress needs to hear how the government shutdown affects their constituents. Use the letter writing tool below to contact your Senators and US House Representative to tell them that the government shutdown is having real consequences to your access to public lands. Many associated businesses and jobs are affected as well. Input your name and address and our advocacy tool will automatically target your Congressional representative.