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American Margo Hayes Sends La Rambla 5.15a, Makes History

According to the climber’s site 8a.nu, Margo Hayes sent La Rambla 5.15a in Spain. “Margo Hayes has become the first female to have mastered the 9a+ [5.15a] grade by doing La Rambla in Siurana today,” noted 8a. Be sure to check them out for top daily news from the rock climbing world.

They went on to mention, “In 2005, Josune Bereziartu did Bibaluna graded 9a/+ [5.14d/15a] and also Ashima Shiraishi has done a route where 9a/+ [5.14d/15a] has been mentioned, Open Your Mind Direct. More info to come but clearly, Margo’s ascent is one of the most ground breaking ascents in the history of sport climbing.”

Fellow American Matty Hong also sent La Rambla this week. Visit here for more information and for the history of the famous line. More to come, follow Hayes on Instagram here for updates.

Watch this short film featuring Hayes climbing difficult problems and talking about the gender gap in climbing. Hayes has won a number of youth climbing competitions. Last year, at 18, she sent Bad Girls Club 5.14d in Colorado and has been climbing since age 10.