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American Tyler Thompson on Send Train

He's sent several 5.14+ routes over the past year with his latest being Planet Garbage

Tyler Thompson, 21, has been on a send train over the past year and a bit with over a dozen redpoints at 5.14+. His latest climb was of Planet Garbage 5.14d in Rifle.

In 2023 alone, Thompson has also climbed Bone Tomahawk 5.14d (watch below), Fat Camp 5.14d, Life of Villains 5.14d and Full Metal Brisket 5.15a. He sent Planet Garbage on his fourth redpoint attempt.

“I think my training and current form lined up really well with my goals and the trip I’ve been on,” Thompson said on 8a.nu. “I’ve spent the last two months climbing around Colorado and Utah and am finishing up my trip in Rifle, where most of my goals were at. I’ve been training for a long time but these past few months I’ve focused in on projecting various limestone routes, all of which are pretty power endurance oriented. I think spending that amount of time climbing on rock and building a base of similar style routes before ultimately picking projects worked really well for me.”

On one day in April, Thompson made the first ascent of Superluminal 5.14c in New River Gorge and flashed a 5.14a. He’s currently studying physics in his home state of Virginia at James Madison University.

Bone Tomahawk 5.14d