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Andrew Funk Sends Flying Ants 5.14a at Acephale

Upper Acephale Photo Evan Hau

Andrew Funk has climbed Flying Ants 5.14a at Acephale in Alberta after spending the better part of spring training for the steep climb.

In 2015, Funk sent Mal De Isla 5.14a in Spain and has spent the past few years living on the West Coast.

Funk has also redointed two 5.13d routes: Les Chacals in Spain and Labyrinth in Greece.

Vikki Weldon sent Flying Ants in 2017 and said after, “A really lovely link up at the Upper Wall. This is my first 5.14 in the Bow Valley, so I can’t compare it to others of the grade, but with the big rests between cruxes, I think it may be low in the grade for 5.14. Nevertheless, a great challenge and I found the moves off the birds nest to be at my max.”

This year has seen a number of big sends at Acephale, including by local Sam Tucker on First Flight 5.14c and an onsight of Existence Mundane 5.14b by Adam Ondra.

Ondra is currently working on a hard project at Acepahle that will surely be in the upper 5.14s or harder.

Earlier this year, Funk climbed his first V12 with a tick of Squaminator in Squamish. He said after, “I had to fight so much harder on this thing than any other climb I’ve ever done. who knows about grade, but this felt like a big step for me. Very stoked to have put this down.”

The 5.14s of Upper Acephale
Full Nelson 5.14d
Kinder Surprise5.14d
Bunda De Fora 5.14d
First Flight 5.14c
Prime Time 5.14c
Shine Me Up Lev 5.14b
Existence Mundane 5.14b
American Whale 5.14a
Flying Ants 5.14a
Ojas Direct 5.14a
Angst 5.14a
The Shine 5.14a
Ojas 5.14a
Leviathan 5.14a