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Andrzej Bargiel to Ski Everest Before Banff Talk

The top alpinist made the first ski descent of K2 last year

Polish skier Andrzej Bargiel is heading to Nepal to attempt to ski Everest without supplemental oxygen. Last year, he made the first ski descent of K2 and he’d previously skied Broad Peak and Shishapangma.

Bargiel is hoping to ski up and down Everest from basecamp. Everest’s north side was skied in 1996 by Hans Kammerlander, but he started below the summit. And in 2000, Davo Karnicar skied the south using supplemental oxygen.

He has a big support crew, including his brothers Bartek and Gregorz. While he hasn’t released the details of his climb, he’ll be facing challenging conditions on the Khumbu Icefield and extreme winds on the summit. Snow conditions could also be tricky to navigate this time of year.

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Przedstawiam Wam członków tegorocznej wyprawy Everest Ski Challenge. Przed nami dużo wspólnych przygód i pracy. Cieszę się, że spędzimy go w takim składzie 🙌🏼 🇬🇧 I am happy to introduce my rad team, which will support me in this project and will take care of sharing this epic adventure with You Andrzej Bargiel (narciarz wysokogórski/ ski mountaineer) Grzegorz Bargiel (Międzynarodowy Przewodnik Wysokogórski IVBV, Zawodowy Ratownik TOPR/UIAGM Mountain Guide, Tatra mountain rescue) Piotr Snopczyński (alpinista, himalaista, ratownik GOPR/ Alpine and Himalayan mountaineer, GOPR mountain rescue) Jakub Poburka (ratownik TOPR/ Tatra mountain rescue) Bartłomiej Bargiel (operator drona/drone operator) Jakub Gzela (filmowiec/cinematographer) Grzegorz Pająk (filmowiec/cinematographer) Marek Ogień (fotograf/photographer) #murapol @redbull @mercedesbenz_pl @salomon @pajaksport graphics: @mamastudio #everestskichallenge #andrzejbargiel #suntleones #dodaciskrzydel

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After his trip to Everest, Bargiel will be heading to Banff to present at the Banff Mountain Festival. The following is a press release from the festival about the Nov. 2 event.

Andrzej Bargiel traded two table tennis paddles and a pocket knife for his first pair of wooden skis. From humble roots as one of eleven children, he became the three time Polish champion in ski mountaineering, and has skied all the highest peaks in Russia.

He is renowned for his cutting-edge descents from four 8,000-metre peaks, including an impossible ski descent of K2. This fall he’ll attempt a world record speed ascent and descent of Mt. Everest. He joins us in Banff along with his brother, filmmaker Bartek Bargiel, for an on stage interview.

Skiing K2