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Angel’s Crest Closed, Along with North Walls Post-Rockfall

More rockfall potential exists, so expecting this area to be closed for the rest of the season might not be far-fetched

Photo by: Scott Milton

A huge rockfall that occurred from the North Walls on The Chief in Squamish after midnight on Sept. 20. A number of well-travelled routes were damaged or destroyed. A huge area has now been closed. The Squamish Access Society shared the following press release.

Due to the massive rockfall from the Zodiac Wall routes in the area and the trails and boulders below have been temporarily closed. The route closure on the Lower Zodiac Wall extends between (and includes) Parallel Universe and Angel’s Crest. On the Upper Zodiac Wall the closure runs between (and includes) Lunar Tides and Polaris. The only bouldering area closed is Dark Side, which features notable problems like King For a Day, Astroman and The I. Debris came right into the bouldering zone and as close as 100 feet from the road, so please stay well away from the closed boulders and trails. There was further rockfall this afternoon, and it’s likely that debris will continue to fall over the next few weeks, please stay safe out there. Follow us or check BC Parks Stawamus Chief webpage for the latest updates on this and other rockfall closures.

Squamish-based Scott Milton is one of Canada’s most accomplished climbers. When asked if he heard the rockfall, he said, “Yup. I live right below it! Shook the house.” Watch a short video of the rockfall below.

There are currently a number of closed areas on The Chief due to rockfall throughout this summer. In June, there was a rockfall on the Grand Wall, in early July there was one on Photophobia Buttress, and later in July there was a massive one far right of the Grand Wall.

Looking at photos of the most recent rockfall in the North Walls, it’s clear that a few big pieces of loose rock remain. The below image of pre-rockfall, but the following is after the rockfall.

Be sure to check in with the Squamish Access Society for updated information on closures and local access issues.

Closure from Squamish Access Society. Photo by Marc Bourdon / Quickdraw Publishing
Yellow: 1st rockfall on Sept. 20 / Red: 2nd smaller rockfall on Sept. 20 / White: might fall? Photo by Tristan Rayner

Lead photo: Scott Milton