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Angie Johnson is Youngest to Send 5.14b

Australian climber, 10-year-old Angie Scarth-Johnson, has set a new standard by becoming the youngest person to ever climb 5.14b.

In only two years, the young crusher has gone from her first 5.12c to her first 5.14b with her recent send of Welcome to Tijuana 8c in Rodellar. She said after, “So happy to get this climb, the last move kept shutting me down, first 5.14b.”

Angie’s mom, Claudia, reported on 8a.nu, “The climb took her just over a week including rest days to work it out, she got the first crux fairly easy. The thing that shut her down was the final move to the anchors which was quite reachy for her but she managed to find a way though it.

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“She didn’t really prepare that much for the trip, just her usual training which is about 1 hour 4 days a week. We built her a bouldering wall at home and she just plays a lot on it everyday when she is bored.”

Adam Ondra and Brooke Raboutou had “only” climbed 5.13+ at age 10. Ashima Shiriashi sent 5.14c at age 11.

The Last Day. Angie Scarth-Johnson (9) crushing Zona 30, 8b in Margalef, Spain. from Muérdago Films on Vimeo.

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