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Angie Scarth-Johnson: 10 Years Old and Crushing in Spain

Angie Scarth-Johnson has wrapped up a six-week trip to Spain where she sent dozens of hard routes, but really turned it up during the last week.

“Today was my last day of climbing in Spain I managed to do another 5.13a La Sombra del Viento,” wrote Scarth-Johnson on her Facebook.

“I am so happy with what I have done this trip, I feel that I have done my best. I have reached all the goals that I have set for myself.”

Angie Scarth-Johnson on La Bombi 5.13c.  Photo
Angie Scarth-Johnson on La Bombi 5.13d. Photo from Angie’s Facebook and taken by her parents.

Things really kicked off a few weeks ago when she sent Le Branloin 5.13b in Rodellar. She then sent Tijuanita 5.14, a variation to Welcome to Tijuana 5.14b, followed by sends of La Bombi 5.13d, Esau Directa 5.13c, Transilvania 5.13b and three-tried Innuendo 5.13b.

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“Australia is very far and it’s is expensive to travel to Europe for us, so when we travel we do it for a longer time which can’t always be during school holidays but fortunately this trip we took advantage of the Easter school holidays,” said Angie’s parents as reported on 8a.nu.

“However, we believe that the experience of learning while traveling is very valuable for Angie and hopefully opening her perspective on the world. We are hoping to return to Spain and also go to Germany and France around this time next year.”