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Angie Scarth-Johnson Sends 5.14c in Red River Gorge

Angie Scarth-Johnson is only 12 years old and she already has a number of hard climbs to her name. In 2013, she became the youngest climber to ever send 5.13d with her sent of Swingline in Red River Gorge.

The young Australian returned this spring to the popular Kentucky crag for a send of Lucifer 5.14c. On Instagram, she wrote, “The conditions haven’t been the best at the Red and I definitely didn’t believe in myself at times, but today I pushed to the anchors and sent Lucifer 5.14c.

“I’m so happy to have done this awesome route.” A few days before the send, she ticked God’s Own Stone 5.14a at the Red. A week before that, she onsighted Elephant Man 5.13b and Straight Outta Compton 5.13b.