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Angie Scarth-Johnson Sends Her Second 5.14d

In 2021, she became the first Australian woman to climb the grade

Angie Scarth-Johnson has repeated Víctimas Pérez 5.14d at Margalef, Spain. Ramón Julián Puigblanque established the steep route back in 2008.

Battling warm temperatures, Scarth-Johnson first flashed the popular Pur et Dur 5.13b before hoping back on Víctimas Pérez for her redpoint burn. She now plans on spending time in Céüse where she has several hard projects.

Last year, Scarth-Johnson became the first Australian woman to climb 5.14d with Victimas del Futur in Margalef. In 2015, she became the youngest climber to redpoint 5.14b at age 10. She then visited North America and climbed Lucifer 5.14c at Red River Gorge.

Hard Sends by Scarth-Johnson

Víctimas Pérez 5.14d
Victimas del Futur 5.14d
Zipayorik 5.14c/d
Lucifer 5.14c
Espiadimonis 5.14b
Welcome to Tijuana 5.14b
God’s Own Stone 5.14a
Tijuanita 5.14a
A la puta rue 5.14a
Speed baby 5.14a
Ultra Perm 5.13d
La Bombi 5.13d
Zona 30 5.13d
Swingline 5.13d
Panoptikum V11
Iceberg V10
Umbra V10

A 2020 film featuring Scarth-Johnson

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