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Anna Laitinen Sends Her First 5.14d

She's one of the most accomplished climbers from Finland in the past decade

Finnish climber Anna Laitinen just achieved her goal of climbing 5.14d with her send of Escalatamasters in Oliana.

“It has been an amazing experience to discover something so inspiring that has pushed me to become a better climber,” said Laitinen. “It is important to find a line that you don’t mind of falling over and over again. I loved climbing on it and part of me is sad that it’s over! Luckily, I still have my draws left to collect, so I will have a chance to say goodbye.”

With her redpoint of Escalatamasters, Laitinen became the first woman from Finland to send 5.14d. She was also the first Finnish woman to onsight 5.13d, climb V12 and redpoint 5.14a and 5.14c.

Laitinen has been climbing 5.14 for nearly a decade with sends of classic test-pieces Fisheye 5.14b in Oliana and Vai del Quim 5.14a in Maraglef to her name. Her first 5.14c was Southern Smoke in Red River Gorge in 2016.

Anna Laitinen