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Another First Ski Descent of a North Face in Italy

The mid-spring descent found good powder where there'd usually be high avi hazard

Florian Cappello and Roland Stricker made the first descent of a new ski line down the north face of Tschenglser Hochwand in the Ortler Cevedale mountain range of Italy.

They skied the 470-metre continuous route at the end of May. The often-looked-at face was in the best condition that it had been in for years. The mid-wall glacier had good covereage and the avalanche conditions were low.

They started from Sulden and reached the top of the mountain by going up the normal route. At the bottom of the face, they had to escape down a steep gully, which was the crux of the day, as going down the incorrect drop would’ve been bad.

Earlier this season, Paul Bonhomme completed his 10th first ski descent of the 2020/21 season. He opened new bold lines in France, Italy and Switzerland. Read more about them here.