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Another Huge Half Dome Rockfall

Taylor Sincich witnessed and reported a rockfall on Yosemite’s Half Dome on July 15.

On July 2 or 3, a large rockfall occurred on the Northwest Face of Half Dome a.k.a the Regular Route, which removed large sections of pitch 12.

Watch a video from Andrew Broadhead about the missing ledges after the July 2 rockfall:

The rockfall on July 15 was a separate incident located near the centre of the face. Its source is somewhere near the summit overhangs lookers left of the route Tis-sa-ack 5.9 A3.

Taylor Sincich witnessed the rockfall and wrote on his Instagram and Facebook after: “Just witnessed a HUGE rockfall on the North Face of Half Dome at 3:20 p.m. from The Prow on Washington Column. A large portion of exfoliation slabs let loose from the summit almost exactly at the top out of the route Tis-sa-ack.

“Multiple car sized pieces exploded on the wall and base. Now that both sides have had significant rockfall I would not recommend climbing on the entire face for the rest of summer, at least. Bummer, but pretty awesome to see.”

There are no reports of injury or close encounters with the rockfall.

half dome
The photo of Half Dome that Taylor Sincich posted to his social media. You can link to his Instagram here.