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Another Rockfall on The Chief, This Time Near Sheriff’s Badge

The Chief has been the scene of a number of rockfalls this year, many forever altering rock climbs

The Chief has been the scene of a number of rockfalls this year, and while the most recent isn’t the biggest, it was still significant. It fell from up and right of the Sheriff’s Badge in the area of Caramba Crags.

This was the fifth major rockfall of 2021, one so big that residents of Squamish could hear it. Alexis Birkill who operates The Chief webcam captured it and posted a video on YouTube. For a complete history on the Sheriff’s Badge by Kieran Brownie visit here.

Earlier this year, a piece of rock fell off from above the classic Genus Loci and impacted Merci Me on the Grand Wall. Then in July, rockfall destroyed a number of pitches of the Black Dyke route, and toppled dozens of 30-metre-tall trees. In September, a massive rockfall took place in the North Walls, watch the video below. And another rockfall took place on Slhanay.

Steve Quane, head geologist at the Sea to Sky Fire and Ice Aspiring Geopark, said the rockfalls this summer were possibly a result of rainfall coupled with the extreme heat B.C. experienced. The hot temps likely caused the rock to expand during the heat cycles and contract in the cooler conditions. He said that this could create stress fractures, and that it’s happening more often now, most likely as a result of climate change.

November 2021 Rockfall

September 2021 Rockall