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Arc’teryx’s Squamish Mountain Festival

Arc'teryx's manager of media and communications, Jo Salamon, fills us in on what the festival means to them

In 2005, the Squamish Mountain Festival began as the Petzl Roc Trip. Petzl wanted to take the Roc Trip on the road and the organizers wanted an annual festival for the West Coast community, so it was re-named the Squamish Mountain Festival.

In the past climbers such as Sonnie Trotter, Tommy Caldwell and Barry Blanchard have presented. They always aim to have a mix of new climbers and past-masters.

This morning I was able to touch base with Jo Salamon, Arc’teryx’s Media and Communications Manager.

Who will be presenting this year? This year Wayne Merry will be our veteran speaker on Saturday. Merry was part of the climbing team to do the first ascent of the Nose in 1958. He’s coming to Squamish to share his photos and stories from the climb. Also, Arc’teryx athletes Craig DeMartino & Mina Leslie-Wujastyk.
Memorable moments? Cedar Wrights impromptu film of Jason Kruk on the climb Boogie Till You Poop comes to my mind.
Last year Dean Potter showed up unannounced (his film was on the schedule) and did a Q & A with the audience. Margo Talbot was an inspiring presenter a couple of years ago, as was Simon Yates. Every year I walk away inspired and I’m not an avid climber, I can’t image how stoked climbers must be.

What does the festival mean to Arc’teryx? The festival is a celebration of climbing and climbing community and is meant to encourage people to participate in the sport. We aim to inspire via the film and speaker series, and have people participate in clinics on the weekend. It’s one of the way’s we give back to the community. Some of the proceeds go to Squamish Access Society & CASBC and we hold a trail-maintenance day. This year the Intro to Trad Climbing clinic sold out the fastest, therefore we have added another group.

Squamish Mountain Festival began yesterday, if you are on the West Coast go check it out!


The Chief in Squamish Photo Jason Kruk's Blog
The Chief in Squamish Photo Jason Kruk’s Blog

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