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Ashima Climbs Bishop V12

Ashima Shiraishi is the 13-year-old boulderer who became the second female to climb V14. She is spending her holidays in Bishop.

“Sent this beauty quickly today!” Shiraishi wrote on her Instagram. Watch Shiraishi on Ted Talks here.

She is one of the strongest young climbers of all time. Born in New York in 2001, she is set to change climbing standards.

At only eight, she climbed Power of Silence V10 and a year later she climbed Chablanke V11/12 and Roger in the Shower V11. At 10, she climbed Crown of Aragorn V13. She is the youngest person ever to send a V13 and one of very few females to climb a V13.

In October 2012, at 11 years old, she sent Southern Smoke at the Red River Gorge 5.14c. In 2013, she climbed a 5.14a in Céüse and then two more V13s and two more 5.14cs.

In July 2014, she climbed her first V14. She was the second female to climb the grade. In the summer 2014, Shauna Coxsey sent New Base Line V14 and Alex Puccio climbed Jade V14 and Wheel of Chaos V14. 

With Shiraishi sending V12s on only a few burns, it will be fun to see what she climbs during her Bishop visit.

Sent this beauty quickly today! Maze of Death V12 is off of my list! | Photo: Rob Mulligan

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