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Ashima Shiraishi Sends in Norway

Ashima Shiraishi has been spending the first part of the summer in the Netherlands.

With Kai Lightner, the pair visited the Flatanger Cave in Norway. The strong American duo had to deal with soaking wet holds that seeped uncontrollably.

After a week of projecting difficult, and by difficult we mean 5.15, Shiraishi jumped on technically easier route. After her send she wrote:

“It was nice to take a break from my wet/hard project and to climb this 50-metre beast called Nordic Flower 8c (5.14b), which I sent second try and made the first female ascent! It’s also the longest route I’ve ever climbed.”

One week after her impressive send in the cave, Shiraishi, who hadn’t bouldered in a long time, sent a V12 called Bonsai. After her send, she said:

“Yesterday, on our second to last day, I bouldered for the first time in a long time. I surprised myself by sending a hard V12 (8a+) called Bonzai in a few tries.”

Ashima Shiraishi climbing Bonzai V12.  Photo Henning Wang
Ashima Shiraishi climbing Bonzai V12. Photo Henning Wang

Shiraishi has previously sent two V14s, The Swarm and Golden Shadow, and a handful of V13s.