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Ashima Shiraishi Sends Another One!

American climber Ashima Shiraishi, 13, is currently on spring break in Spain. Last week she sent what might be a 5.15a, making her the first woman and youngest climber ever to send the grade.

Ashima seems to be surprising herself these days as she updated her Instagram with, “Ahhhhh!!!! I sent my second project Ciudad de Dios 9a/9a+. This one took me three days to SEND!”

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The route Ashima sent, Ciudad de Dios 5.14d/5.15a, was first climbed by Eduard Marín in 2009 and is found at Santa Linya, the same crag as her first 5.15a, Open Your Mind Direct.

Ashima Sends Possible 5.15a

The future of sport climbing is most definitely here as Ashima is just crushing her 5.15a projects at only 13 years old.

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