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Avalanches Kill 12 in Iran’s Alborz Mountains

At least 14 people were rescued from the many avalanches that took place on Dec. 25 near Tehran

On Friday, a number of avalanches occurred in the Alborz mountain range near Tehran, the capital city of Iran, killing a number of people on the slopes.

The avalanches struck in four different areas following heavy snowfall and powerful blizzards. The Alborz mountain range is a popular weekend destination for climbing, mountaineering and hiking.

State TV aired footage showing emergency crews using a helicopter to search for those missing in the avalanche. Iran’s Red Crescent Society released photos of rescue workers unloading body bags from a helicopter Saturday morning.

After three days of search-and-rescue efforts, two bodies were found on Sunday, bringing the number of dead to 12. Iranian rescue workers then ended their search for survivors. Rescue teams rescued at least 14 missing people.

Authorities said many had disregarded reports by the meteorological office about possible strong winds Friday. In 2017, two avalanches killed 11 hikers in Iran.



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