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Bad Alaska weather? Write a song! The Kichatna Blues debut

Renee Lavergne and Nancy Hansen were stuck in a tent in the Kichatna Mountains of Alaska, in the rain, for 17 days straight. They did not have a book or iPod. For entertainment, they wrote, performed and recorded a song called the Kichatna Blues.

Hansen and Lavergne were hoping to attempt Middle Tripple, one of the routes from Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. Hansen has been trying to become the first person to climb all 50 routes and has only a few routes remaining.

Its East Buttress route is roughly 1,100 m high and the peak has had only a few ascents. The first ascent of the peak was in 1976 by Russell McLean and Charlie Porter. Porter was fresh from the first solo of the Cassin Ridge.

Here is the much anticipated, Kichatna Blues