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Barbara Zangerl Climbs Alpine Trilogy

Zangerl Climbs Des Kaisers neue Kleider, Silbergeier and The End of Silence

Barbara Zangerl of Austria has become the first woman to complete the “Alpine Trilogy” after sending Des Kaisers neue Kleider (The Emperor’s New Clothes), which is a 5.14a rising 25o metres up the limestone wall of Wilder Kaiser in Austria. It was established in 1994 by the German rock climber Stephan Glowacz, and when combined with Beat Kammerlander’s 1994 route Silbergeier, 5.14a, in the Ratikon range of Switzerland and Thomas Huber’s The End of Silence, 5.14a, also put up in 1994, completes the formidable Alpine Trilogy.

Barbara Zangerl Delicatessen 8b ph Klaus Dell’Orto, in Bevella, Corsica


Silbergeier 8b+
Rätikon, Switzerland
Beat Kammerlander, 1994
P1: 8b, P2: 7c+, P3: 8a+, P4: 7a+, P5: 8b+, P6: 7c+/8a.

End of silence 8b+
Berchtesgadener Alpen, Germany

Thomas Huber, 1994
P1: 7a+, P2: 6a, P3: 6c+, P4: 6c, P5: 7b+, P6: 7c+, P7: 7b+, P8: 8b, P9: 8b+, P10: 7c+, P11: 7a+

Des Kaisers neue Kleider 8b+
Wilder Kaiser, Austria

Stefan Glowacz, 1994
P1: 7a, P2: 7c , P3: 8b, P4: 7b+, P5: 8b+, P6: 8a, P7: 6b, P8: 8b+, P9: 6c.

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