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Barry Blanchard to Read from New Book The Calling II

The leading Canadian climber will give us a sneak preview from his new book on July 15 on the Yamnuska Facebook page

Barry Blanchard is one of Canada’s most legendary alpinists and he has a new book, which is a follow up to his award-winning The Calling. Blanchard will read from The Calling II next Wed., July 15 at 2:00 p.m. mountain time on the Yamnuska Mountain Adventures Facebook page.

Blanchard wrote about his new book, how covid-19 has shifted the publication date and more: As I travel around the mountains one of the questions I get is, “Hey, when is your next book coming out?” The writing was, well, not exactly easy, but it is the part that I am most productive at. For the next installment of my climbing memoir, working titled, The Calling II, I wrote 250,000 words. Enough for two books, but my publisher can only do one. The job of cutting my manuscript in half was daunting, disheartening and depressing.

Took me awhile to just accept the task, but I did and cut it down to 135,000 words knowing that my editor will trim more. All of this is on hold right now because of COVID 19. The Calling II, and I know that the name will change at publication, will not be coming out in September as planned. So, for next week’s Guide Talk with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures I will be reading from The Calling II, specifically about Scott Backes, Steve House and me climbing the first ascent of M-16 on the east face of Howse Peak. I hope that you can join in and listen. Happy trails, Barry Blanchard

Climbing Highlights

1983: The Andromeda Strain V 5.9 A2 with David Cheesmond and Tim Friesen
1984: North Ridge of Rakaposhi, Pakistan with David Cheesmond and Kevin Doyle.
1984: East Face V/VI 5.8 WI5 of Mount Fay with David Cheesmond and Carl Tobin.[1]
1985: North Pillar of North Twin with ascent with David Cheesmond
1991: The Blanchard/Twight on Les Droites with Mark Twight
1999: M-16, East Face of Howse Peak with Steve House and Scott Backes
1999: Pugilist at Rest VI 5.10 A3 M5, 1,000 m, Mount Alverstone, Saint Elias Mountains with Mark Wilford
2000: Infinite Spur on Mount Foraker with Carl Tobin.
2002: Infinite Patience on the Emperor Face of Mount Robson