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More Big New 2018 Ice in B.C.’s Bridge River

Steve Janes on the first ascent of Frosty Bats Photo Danny O’Farreell

Danny O’Farrell has reported about hundreds of metres of new ice that he, Steve Janes and Hunter Lee have climbed at Bridge River in B.C.

They climbed New Leash on Life, a WI5+ that has been climbed before. They went to an unclimbed pillar above that had been attempted in the past.

They then climbed the new pillar at WI6 and climbed another 200 metres of grade-three ice into a big canyon “sith amazing exposure and backdrop of the Bridge River Valley,” said O’Farrell.

The first ascent of New Leash on Life pillar Photo Danny O’Farrell

The three also climbed three new route above the Terzaghi Dam that all have short approaches.

They established the 30-metre Frosty Bats at WI3+ before tackling the two obvious and longer routes.

Chateau O’Farrell is a new 200-metre WI3+ that limbs rambley terrain up into the trees.

And High Time Uncertainty is a new 200-metre WI3+ with a short crux and lots of mellow ice.

The forecast for Canada’s West Coast is a cold and windy March, which means lots of ice climbing to go. See here for the forecast.

The West Coast has had a number of new and old routes climbed. Full report in the next issue of Gripped magazine.

Danny O’Farrell on first ascent of Chateau O’Farrell

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