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Big New 2018 West Coast Mixed is Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is a new seven-pitch mixed route in the Bridge River Area north of Whistler on Canada’s West Coast.

Danny O’Farrell, Steve Janes and Hunter Lee teamed up to climbed the new 325-metre route on Jan. 7 and graded it M6 WI4.

Danny OFarrell on the second pitch Photo Hunter Lee

O’Farrell spotted the route while working with the Xwisten First Nations on fisheries and conservation.

“The route was completed in seven pitches,” said O’Farrell. “Approximately 43.5 km from the highway from Lillooet or 6.5 km below Terzaghi Dam.

“The route lies between the already established routes Salmon Stakes and A New Leash on Life along the highway on the east side of the river.

“From the road you can only see the final pitch of beautiful fat blue WI4. Cross the river and gain approximately 250 metres of elevation to the base of the climb.”

Bitcoin Billionaire’s pitches go at WI4, M6, M3, WI2, M6, WI2 and WI4.

This is just one of many news ice and mixed routes in Canada this year. Look for a full new ice route review in our spring issue of Gripped.

Bitcoine Billionaire Photo Danny O’Farrell