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Blue Gold is New Squamish Ice on Fluffy Kitten Wall

Conditions on the west coast have improved for below-tree-line ice/mixed climbing

Fluffy Kitten Wall is a north-facing granite wall east of Squamish and below the more popular Mount Habrich. It’s accessed via a forestry service road and offers quality rock climbing in summer.

Fluffy Kitten Wall freezes over after the right cool and wet conditions, like the ones the west coast have been getting this month. While some climbers were running laps at the Smoke Bluffs, Paul McSorley, Antony Wood and Jia Condon made the trip to Fluffy Kitten Wall and made the first ascent of a multi-pitch ice route up the wall.

They called their new 400-metre ice line Blue Gold, it follows seven pitches over slabs of granite separated by snowy ledges and goes at WI5 Neve3/4RX. Last week, Wood teamed up with Matteo Agnoloni and Tom Schindfessel for the first ascent of a 10-pitch mixed route on Goat Mountain on Vancouver’s North Shore. It seems like conditions are prime for below-tree-line mixed/ice climbing these days.