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Boswell on The Demon

Greg Boswell, who recently spent a few weeks in Canada with Nick Bullock on a sending train, just climbed the first winter ascent of The Demon, IX/9, on the Happy Tyrolean’s Wall, with Douglass Russell. 

From Boswell’s blog: I eventually committed to a super thin pick placement and reached out to hook a very rounded ledge, I then matched the ledge and was expecting my axes to rip any second! I shuffled my feet right and couldn’t believe I was still on the wall, I was now less than a meter from the ledge, but it might as well have been a mile away, the climbing was so teetery and thin that I had to keep my full concentration on my picks and move to another horrendously crappy placements. One more move and I was able to swing into the invitingly springy turf clump that made its home on this even more inviting ledge. Ah, much better.

Boswell and Dougie on the Demon. Photo Stewart Whiting
Boswell and Russal on the Demon. Photo Stewart Whiting