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Breaking News: Big Rockfall on the Grand Wall in Squamish

A piece of rock fell off from above the classic Genus Loci and impacted Merci Me

A big rockfall has taken place just left of the Grand Wall on The Chief in Squamish. Nick Armbruster posted a photo to the Squamish Rock Climbing Facebook group. Hopefully nobody was injured in this event.

There’s a large impact mark and presumably a lot of debris. If you look closely, it seems the rock fell from just above Genus Loci and first made contact around the 5.12c and 5.10d pitches. It then smashed into pitches three and four of the Grand Wall around Merci Me.

The rockfall took place on June 27, and we’re sharing this news as a heads-up in case you’re planning on going to any routes at the Base of the Grand Wall or the Grand Wall. There are currently record-setting hot temps in western Canada, read a report here about how heat can cause rockfall. We’ll update this story once we find out the extent of the damage. July 28 update here.

Photo Nick Armbruster / Squamish Rock Climbing Facebook