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Breaking News: Joe Kinder Sends Decade-Old Activator Project

He bolted the mega-steep Hurricave sport route back in 2010

Joe Kinder has sent his project The Activator in the Hurricave, Utah, which he bolted in 2010. While he hasn’t proposed a grade, Chris Weidner posted a photo of Kinder working on the steep climb last spring and noted it was potentially 5.14d.

Kinder bolted the climb around the same time that he ticked another project in the cave. On March 23, 2010, we reported: “Joe Kinder has recently switched gears from simply repeating established routes to developing new areas and equipping difficult new lines. His most recently completed project is in a 100-metre cave near Hurricane, Utah. Kinder spent 16 days cleaning and working Flight of the Conchords 5.14c and eventually redpointed the route last week.”

The Hurricave is a steep limestone cave about 15 minutes from downtown Hurricane, which is 45 minutes northeast of St. George. Kinder helped establish most of the area’s hardest climbs. The cave faces west, which makes it a great place to climb on a winter afternoon or spring morning.

More to come on his first ascent of The Activator.

Hurricave 5.14s

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