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Breaking News: Stefano Ghisolfi Sends New 5.15b/c, Italy’s Hardest Route

Last year, he made the second ascent of Change 5.15c in Norway

Stefano Ghisolfi, 27, has made the first ascent of Erebor 5.15b/c at Eremo di San Paolo, it’s now the hardest route in Italy. In 2015, he sent Lapsus 5.15b, which was Italy’s most difficult line until now.

Despite being one of the best climbers in the world, this is the first climb he’s ever established. Ghisolfi began working on the route in spring 2020, but travelled to Norway in summer. He then made the second ascent of Adam Ondra’s Change 5.15c in the Flatagner cave.

Spain was recently hit with frigid winter weather that dumped snow onto much of the country. The cool temps are all Ghisolfi needed to climb Erebor. More to come on this historic send.


Ghisolfi’s Top Sends

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Lapsus 5.15b in Andonno, Italy, first ascent
Goldrake 5.15a in Cornalba, Italy
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First Round, First Minute 5.15b in Margalef, Spain
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One Punch 5.15a in Laghel, Arco, Italy
One Slap 5.15b in Laghel, Arco
La Capella 5.15 in Siurana, Spain
Perfecto Mundo 5.15c in Margalef, Spain
Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain, first repeat
The Bow 5.15a in Eremo di San Paolo, Arco, first ascent
Change 5.15c in Flatanger, Norway, first repeat
Erebor 5.15bc/ in Eremo di San Paolo, Arco, first ascent

Ghisolfi on Change 5.15c