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Breaking Pull-Up Records and Epic New Sardinia Cave

The top site 8a.nu has reported that Andrew Shapiro, 17, set three pull-up world records in May. by six hours he managed 3,515 of, by 12 hours he did 5,742 and he continued for six more hours until he managed 7,306 in 24 hours. Guiness noted the six-, 12- and 24-hour accomplishments as world records. The previous record holder was 41-year-old Jan Kares, who was in the top-20 World Cup climbers in 1997. It took Shapiro only 15 hours to match Kares’ record, watch here. Earlier this year, Magnus Midtbo un-officially broke the record for pinky pull-ups, watch the video here.

Kares will go for another world record over 232 continuous pull-ups this summer. At 42 and weighing 81 kg, he said his secret is frequent high-intensity training. He does eight pull-ups, rests 20 seconds and then continues for 30 minutes. Over the past decade, Kares has spent around 150 days bolting new routes near Sardinia. He has been working on establishing one of the biggest climbing caves in Europe called Colombi, if not the world. A number of top climbers are on their way to begin projecting this summer.