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Buster Martin is Second U.K. Climber to Send 9a+

Watch him send the difficult route, which he sent very quickly

Buster Martin, 23, has repeated First Ley 9a+, or 5.15a at Margalef in Spain and has become the second U.K. climber to send the grade after Steve McClure.

“As soon as I got on the route I was hooked,” said Martin. “The grade didn’t matter and I’d found the opponent for the battle I’d always wanted. Upon topping out I felt a perspective and gratitude for the 11-month journey it took me to get there. Applying, dedicating myself and pushing through personal barriers in the same way that has always inspired me… Pushing myself and spending time in nice places with good people.”

Martin became the youngest British climber to send 5.14c when he was 16. His only 5.14d was a repeat of Rainshadow in the U.K. Watch Martin make First Ley look easy below.


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