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Calgarian Andrew Brash Recieves Honoray Degree for Mount Everest Rescue

Andrew Brash is a climber based in Calgary with decades of experience. From Alaska and Chile to Nepal and Kazakhstan, Brash has climbed new routes and repeated difficult ones.

He was recently awarded an honorary degree from the University of Calgary for being part of the rescue team that saved Australian climber Lincoln Hall’s life.

Andrew Brash and Lincoln Hall.
Andrew Brash and Lincoln Hall.

In May 2006, Brash was attempting Mount Everest with a group of other climbers. About 200 metres shy of the summit, Brash and his team found Hall laying in the snow, nearly dead.

Hall was descending from the summit the previous day when he began to suffer from altitude sickness. Hall’s partners declared him dead and continued without him. It’s reported that over 40 other climbers descended without helping.

Hall spent the night alone in the death zone at around 8,600 metres. His family was informed of his death by satellite phone. Twelve hours after being declared dead, Brash and his team found Hall on their way to the summit.

With limited oxygen supplies, Brash and his team helped Hall down the mountain. Brash returned in 2008 and climbed Everest. Listen to Gripped editor Brandon Pullan talk with Brash on Basecamp Podcast about saving Hall’s life.