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Cameron Horst Sends Bone Tomahawk 5.14d/15a

The test-piece route was first climbed by Joe Kinder and is one of the hardest climbs in the U.S.A.

U.S.A. climber Cameron Horst has sent his hardest route to date with Bone Tomahawk, a 5.14d/15a, which he notes as 5.15a.

It was established by Joe Kinder in 2010, and he made the first ascent in 2016. The route is close to St. George in the Fynn Cave. Jon Siegrist made the second ascent, followed by Matty Hong and Ben Spannuth.

Horst climbed his first 5.13 at age nine, and got three 5.14a sends at age 11. He has since climbed around 40 5.14a and harder routes, including Moonshine 5.14d in Wild Iris, Wyoming. He’s also climbed Lucifer 5.14c and Lungfish 5.14b. Follow him below.

Horst on Moonshine 5.14d